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Models released during the previous month:


  • 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Golden Jubliee 1:24th scale, Diamond Blue, LE 175 24L020 Retail: $249.95
  • 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Golden Jubilee 1:24th scale, Jubilee Gold, LE 175 24L021 Retail: $249.95
  • 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Golden Jubilee 1:24th scale, Black (Homage Edition), LE 24 24L022 Retail: $449.95


  • No Models Announced.


  • No Models Announced.

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Automodello 1978 Lincoln continental Mark V

As the sales brochure proclaimed: "Presenting the very special, 75th Anniversary, Diamond Jubilee Edition Continental Mark V. This is a very special automobile, an automobile that is, frankly, an indulgence in every best sense of the word. This is the Diamond Jubilee Edition Mark V. It is a unique model and it represents the most luxurious production automobile Lincoln ever built."

1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Ford Motor Company celebrated its 75th year in the automobile business in 1978. To commemorate this milepost in automotive history, Ford produced two very special automobiles as limited editions. The 1978 Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee Edition was one; the 1978 Ford Thunderbird Diamond Jubilee Edition was the other.

The Mark V version truly was limited with production of just 5,159 cars. To set it apart from the ordinary Marks, the Diamond Jubilee was available in just two colors: Diamond Blue and Jubilee Gold. Whichever color you chose, it would be repeated throughout the car. In addition to the special Clearcoat paint, the padded Landau vinyl roof featured color-keyed moldings and integral Coach Lamps. The vinyl-insert bodyside moldings, vertical bars on the grille, bumper guards and rub strips, four turbine-style cast aluminum wheels, grille ornament, and padded vinyl deck lid kickup with matching vinyl-insert lock cover were all coordinated.

There were 2,602 in Diamond Blue and only 1,511 with the optional moon-roof like this one. Automodello captured the essence of this luxurious automobile in profound detail. I personally found the Diamond Blue replica to be a stunning rendition of the Lincoln 75th Anniversary Edition. As I fondled these exquisite replicas I was impressed by the attention to detail which was obvious on each and every one of them. First off, to me, a model has to look right to my eye, is the model scaled correctly, does it look off or is it pleasing to the eye. All three of these models easily passed the eye test, they just look right to scale. Next up is how was the paint? Paint looked good very smooth and pleasing with no flaws and the color was spot on. Finally how was the fit and finish? Again they passed the test; all chrome was tight to the body and scaled to perfection.

Inside, the interiors of the Diamond Jubilee Edition Mark V's were the most luxurious ever installed to date by Lincoln in a production car. Also matching the exterior color scheme, the interior featured front bucket seats with a padded center console. The console provided extra storage, and came equipped with an umbrella built into the underside of the padded armrest. The seats were upholstered in luxury cloth with a unique sew style, and had broad lace inserts as distinctive reminders that this was NOT your ordinary Mark V!

Once again Automodello replicated the Lincoln Mark V Golden Jubilee interior precisely to factory specs. Remember the Automodello line are static models which simply means no working features such as opening doors, hood or trunk lid therefore to admire the interior design you are regulated to viewing it through the windows. However, the Automodello replica has windows up on the passenger side whereas the window is down on the driver’s side, allowing you to admire the interior more clearly.

1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Other distinctions included padded leather in high wear areas of the interior, as well as ebony wood inserts on the instrument panel, door trim panels, front seat backs, and console. The backs of the front seats also featured assist straps and map pockets. The carpeting on the floor was a sumptuous 36 oz. Tiffany cut-pile. All Diamond Jubilee Marks were supplied with a leather bound owner's manual and tool kit.

If this weren't enough, special touches appeared everywhere one looked. Instrument panel lenses were beveled, with the look of cut glass. The outside edges of the opera windows were also beveled, and featured Diamond Jubilee Script and a simulated diamond chip laminated between the glass. Even the keys had a woodtone insert.

After delivery, the customer could choose to have his or her initials monogrammed on the doors, interrupting the bodyside stripes. Most Mark V optional features were standard on this car, including the new digital "Miles-To-Empty" fuel gauge that calculated approximately how far the car could be driven with the remaining fuel in the tank, based on fuel level, driving speed, and fuel consumption rate. An on-board solid-state computer performed the math.

Also included as standard equipment: Defroster Group, Garage Door Opener, Headlamp Convenience Group, Interior Light Group, Interval-Select Windshield Wipers, Power Lock Convenience Group, Power Lumbar Seat, Power Vent Windows, Right-hand Remote Control Mirror, Speed Control, Tilt Steering Wheel, Appearance Protection Group, Illuminated Entry System, Rocker Panel Moldings, AM/FM Stereo with Quadrasonic 8-Track Tape, and Firestone 721 Steel Belted Radial Dual Wide Band White Sidewall Tires (size LR78-15).

1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Regardless of what other cars may have been compared to the Diamond Jubilee Mark V, they just don't come more luxurious or better equipped. It truly was the most luxurious Continental ever produced. Of course, they are very rare and highly prized collectible cars today.

The Automodello 1978 Lincoln Mark V Golden Jubilee is worthy of your consideration if your collection consists of luxury automobiles. I am always asked which replica "Rang my bell?" And to that question I would say "I love the Diamond Blue", however, that is just my color preference, truth be told you won't go wrong regardless of which one you chose; they all display nicely and will be a welcomed addition to any collection.

Mint: Automodello
Year: 1978
Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental Mark V Golden Jubilee
LE: Standard Issue 175 units, Homage Edition: 24 units
Scale: 1:24
Color: Diamond Blue (Standard Issue), Jubilee Gold (Standard Edition), Black (Homage Edition)
Issue Price: $249.95 (Standard) $449.95 (Homage Edition)
Part #:24L020 (Standard Edition), 24L021 (standard Edition), 24L022 (Homage Edition)

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I am grateful to all the mints which allow us to show case their beautiful replica's; it is something I have been doing here for around thirty years now. As a car lover or should I say anything gas powered I always found them fascinating and tried to understand them the best I could. I enjoyed tearing cars down and building them back up all my life. I hope by the grace of God I am able to keep my passion going for many more years to come.

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