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About JSS Diecast Software

The Danbury Mint 1953 Chevrolet Pickup.JSS Diecast Software was created in the mid 1980s for use with my own collection. It all started with the truck pictured above, a Danbury Mint 1953 Chevrolet, which was exactly like the one our neighbor Bill owned. I so admired that truck as a young kid that when I saw the model in a magazine I had to own it.

Expecting an upscale toy I was rather surprised when the model arrived; this little truck was a miniature version of our neighbors' truck. I had played in that truck for hours on end, and knew all the switches, lights and smells like the back of my hand. I was so impressed with my first model that I had to own them all.

Like most new collectors the buying frenzy went out of control; each model was better than the previous one and before I knew it my collection of one had grown to over a hundred models in what seemed a nanosecond.

As my collection spiraled out of control I realized I needed a way to catalog my collection; in the event of my passing my family would know what I had and the value of my models. Hence, JSS Diecast Software was created. It wasn't until a year or two later when another collector, visiting our house, witnessed my database and requested a copy. The rest is history.

Our die cast software is a Free no strings attached download, use it as you wish. This was my hobby,my passion, it gave me a purpose to collect and enjoy my hobby with people all over the world. As our base of collectors grew we realized we needed a simple way to update the die cast models database. Since most collectors aren't computer savvy we created the JSS e-Newsletter/Updater which allows the collector to simply download the monthly update, which updates the models in our database from our website. Once the file is downloaded to their local machine all they need to do is double-click the downloaded file and our software does the rest. We believe you will find our software very easy to use and your family will appreciate it too.

Some collector's enjoy our software so much they send us a small donation for both the software and the wonderful site where they too can share their passion of collecting. Any donations which we receive are used to keep this site up and running; we don't make a dime off this site. JSS sells nothing on this site, we offer no services, no repairs, we are just a meeting place for a bunch of collectors who have become good friends over the years.

I hope you enjoy your visit here!

JSS Software Solutions.